Lyle Dillie

 US Army, SGT, Iraq War Veteran

Lyle is proud husband and father of three boys and is currently an adjunct Media Arts Professor at Estrella Mountain Community College and Media Arts Headmaster at the Creative Drill Sergeants Expressive Art Academy. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Interdisciplinary Arts Degree at Arizona State University. He is teaching high-level Film, Web Design, and Graphics Design courses here in AZ.

Lyle is currently devoting his time to his family, art, and students. He is continuing to create high-level short films, fine art and graphic design for himself, his students, companies, and nonprofits across the country.

This artist has allowed for the purchase of his original artwork.

The following items below are available for print.

  • LDillie – Brother in the Afghan Mountains (2018) – Original & Prints Avail – ID 793

  • LDillie – Five Ton Hump (2017) – Original & Prints Avail – ID 799

  • LDillie – March on the Red Soaked Road in Georgia (2017) – Original & Prints Avail – ID 787