Jack Edson Adams

 US Army, Captain, Vietnam Veteran

Jack is a full-fledged member of Creative Drill Sergeants. and “Professor of Expressive Arts” including all Media of Fine Art and Sculpture. He is also master of “Electro-Magnetic-Pulse Therapy” and provides Holistic Healing by EMP. Jack cares for all Veterans, particularly those suffering with PTSD (of Which Jack is one)

Jacks goal is to bring them “Out of the Dark” with “Art Therapy “, to help heal their Physical Problems with “Electro-Magnetic-Pulse” Therapy both Mentally and Physically “Hertz Heal”.

It’s all about “Good Vibrations”!

Due to artist’s request originals will not be for sale.

The following items are only available for prints.

  • JEAdams – Cowboy Singing – Prints Only – ID 754

  • JEAdams – Future Fueling – Prints Only – ID 759

  • JEAdams – Monks in Saigon – Prints Only – ID 731

  • JEAdams – Near the Shadows There is Light – Prints Only – ID 740

  • JEAdams – O’l Timer – Prints Only – ID 746