Mitchell Caviness

 US Army, 101st Airborne Ranger, Vietnam Veteran

He is a former 101st Airborne Ranger. While in the military, he sustained several injuries that have left him 100% disabled and legally blind. Mitch holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art and art history from the University of New Jersey and a second Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Arizona State University. He went on to obtain a Masters in Art Education and Teacher’s Certification from Ottawa University. Mitch brings his tenacity to any engagement. He works as a teacher and sculptor.

This artist is selling woodworking products only.

  • MCaviness – Boat on a Lake – Wood Burning – ID 714

  • MCaviness – Crucifix – Wood Carving & Burning with Wire 27 in x 36 in x 4 in – ID 717

  • MCaviness – Innocence – Wood Carving & Burning with Wire 11 in x 12 in x 15.5 in – ID 718